Jiangsu Shagang Group is located in the charming Yangtze Delta, facing Shanghai on the east, connecting to Suzhou and Wuxi on the south, closing on the west with Zhang Jiagang and its bonded area which is the only bonded area with the type of water way harbor, and on the north by the Yangtze riverside. The Group bears excellent geographic position and convenient land and water traffic.
  Jiangsu Shagang International Trade Co., Ltd. (Shagang ITC) is a general import & export trading company engaged in exploration & mining of mineral resources, import and export of metallurgical equipment, spare parts and steel products, ocean shipping of dry bulk cargos and logistics as well as overseas investment.
  Approved by the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation as the “Import
General State of Suppliers

For offshore suppliers:
       Offshore suppliers should fill out the following forms of General State of Suppliers based on its own type of business (Production or Trade).

       General State of Suppliers.xls

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